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Re: [Condor-users] Why are my jobs not running?

Hi Omaira, Try this:
1. condor_status -avail: To check if there is a node free to run your job. You can set the Execute node as dedicated adding: START=TRUE to your local config file (condor_config.local)
2a. free : To check if the Swap of the OpSys is working
2b. grep -i Swap $CONDOR_HOME/local.${HOSTNAME}/log/Master*: To check if Condor didnt find Swap Space (If it dont find Swap it will not Run jobs), you can Ignore or disable Swap check adding:
RESERVED_SWAP=0 to your condor_config.local File.
3. Try the condor_q -better-analize 18 as Ian told.

By the way, if anything of this work, sent all the output from the previous commands again :)

Buena Suerte.

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 10:15 PM, Ian Chesal <ian.chesal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 10:39 PM, OMAIRA GALINDO <maggy128@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a pool of three machines, one is the central administrator, and the other two machines are run, have 512 MB of memory, operating system CentOS 5.4, and I'm working with condor-7.5.1. My problem is: when I run the daemon condor_submit hostname_submit shows me the following

-- Submitter: sesclavo1.grid.uptc.edu.co : <> : sesclavo1.grid.uptc.edu.co
 ID      OWNER            SUBMITTED     RUN_TIME ST PRI SIZE CMD              
  18.0   condor          5/12 21:24   0+00:00:00 I  0   0.0  hostname         
  18.1   condor          5/12 21:24   0+00:00:00 I  0   0.0  hostname         
  18.2   condor          5/12 21:24   0+00:00:00 I  0   0.0  hostname         

3 jobs; 3 idle, 0 running, 0 held

I hope some time and no ST changes from I to R,

I need to know must be configured to run the job. Thank you very much.


Try running:

condor_q -better-analyze 18.0

That will analyze the job ad and give you some insight in to why it might not be running. If that doesn't answer your question, post the output of that command call and it'll be easier to help.

Warm regards,
- Ian 

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