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[Condor-users] Using Condor-C grid universe

We have also been playing with submitting jobs using Condor-C.
These are jobs submitted from a windows PC to a condor grid resource.
The remote schedd and cm is running on a linux machine.
This seems to mostly work OK, however the transfer of input files does not seem
to be occurring. I'm slightly? confused by the documentation in section 5.3.1
where it refers to using +remote_whatever so that the remote machine understands
the attributes of the job.
The examples given include:
As an example, a submit description file would ordinarily contain
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
This must appear in the Condor-C job submit description file as
+remote_WhenToTransferOutput = "ON_EXIT"
For the given example, the job is to be run as a vanilla universe job at the remote pool.
The (remote pool's) condor_schedd daemon is likely to place its job queue data on a local
disk and execute the job on another machine within the pool of machines. This implies that
the file systems for the resulting submit machine (the machine specified by remote_schedd)
and the execute machine (the machine that runs the job) will not be shared. Thus, the two
inserted ClassAds
+remote_ShouldTransferFiles = "YES"
+remote_WhenToTransferOutput = "ON_EXIT"
are used to invoke Condor's file transfer mechanism.

Notice the different syntaxes, i.e. the lack of underscores in the +remote commands
compared with the "standard" syntax as they would normally appear in a submit file.
A condor_q -l for the job on the remote schedd shows these appearing exactly as in
the original submit file, with the +remote stripped off.
Anyway, I've tried both ways and still can't seem to get input files across.
Submit file currently looks like:

universe = grid

grid_resource = condor condor-per.vm.csiro.au condor-per.vm.csiro.au

executable = cpubound.exe

output = cpubound_$(Cluster)_$(Process).out

error = cpubound_$(Cluster)_$(Process).err

log = cpubound_$(Cluster)_$(Process).log

+remote_requirements = (OpSys == "WINNT51")

+remote_Shortjob = "True"

+remote_rank = "ConsoleIdle"

+remote_arguments = "10"

+remote_transfer_input_files = "D7EG9AB.egs,auto_design7.pegsdat,egs.exe"

+remote_transfer_files = "ALWAYS"

+remote_jobuniverse = 5

+remote_Should_Transfer_Files = "YES"

+remote_When_To_Transfer_Output = "ON_EXIT"

#+remote_ShouldTransferFiles = "YES"

#+remote_WhenToTransferOutput = "ON_EXIT"

queue 1

Thanks for any help.

Dr. Greg Hitchen
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