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Re: [Condor-users] Condor and MPI

Hello Omaira

Here are the

In summary:
1.Configure Condor hosts as dedicated. See

2.In condor_dir/etc/examples you have bash scripts to launch mpi for
different libraries:lamscript, mp1script(mpich), mp2script(mpich2),
Condor launch this scripts in parallel on all hosts, and the script is
in charge of start the mpi ring, launch the job and stop the mpi ring.
Usually you have to modify this scripts to adapt to your mpi libraries.

3.You allways have to use the parallel environment, here is a sample
        universe = parallel 
        #the main executable allways is a script described in point 2
        executable = mp2script
        #here is your mpi job executable
        arguments = ./simulation sim_parameter 
        log = logfile 
        output = outfile.$(NODE) 
        error = errfile.$(NODE) 
        #number of mpi processes
        machine_count = 6 


Antoni Artigues
El mié, 19-05-2010 a las 20:36 -0500, OMAIRA GALINDO escribió:
> Good night:
> I did the installation, configuration and submitt of jobs in Condor,
> in the same way already installed, and perform MPI tests, but did the
> tests and installation separately, now need to know how to join Condor
> with MPI, to perform jobs sending Condor with universe = mpi or
> parallel. Anyone know how to make this union between Condor and MPI?
> -- 
> Omaira Galindo Parra
> Estudiante de Ingeniería de Sistemas y Computación
> UPTC Tunja
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