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Re: [Condor-users] C API

If one was available I think quite a few people would love it!

You basically need to talk classads for the read aspects (various libraries to do the heavy lifting there do exist) i.e. condor_q/condor_status and submit file format[1] for condor_submit.

None of that was available when I wrapped the condor_q/submit/status commands in a .Net wrapper sadly, I would think there are quite a few, slightly broken in different ways, classad parsing implementations out there :).

Since condor is properly open source you could in theory take the guts of DaemonCore plus the specifics for various commands to talk over the wire to the schedd. But you would not find it easy to separate the various concerns out, and very little chance of sharing code by anything other than copy paste if you wanted to be able to integrate upstream changes into yours (even git has it's limits on merges).

In theory if someone did a good enough job condor might accept a patch that did this, but it would be a significant support surface dependency that they may not want to deal with. 

[1] you can now pass the whole thing on stdin so you don't have to use the filesystem for that


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Is there a native C API for condor?

Instead of me using condor_q and condor_submit I would like to do this via C.
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