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Re: [Condor-users] ERROR "No 'MASTER_LOG' parameter specified." at line 170 in file dprintf_config.c

Did your SuSE package come with a default configuration file? It sounds like either you're not pointing at/using your package's default configuration file, or it didn't come with one. If there isn't a default configuration file in your rpm, I'd spend some time readying condor docs (especially the configuration section):


Also, there are several example configuration files in condor's source.



Nicolaï Kondratieff wrote:
Thank you for your answer, I got a big step further!

I created a file "masterlog" in my condor directory with condor as owner
and added to all "condor_config"-files


Now condor_master runs without any errormessages.
But now I have the next problem:

After that there are no condor-processes running. ps or htop show nothing condor related.
PATH is set, CONDOR_CONFIG is set, I am running out of ideas...


MASTER_LOG is a required parameter in condor's configuration file. I'd look to see if it's defined in your configuration files, and if not define it.



Nicolaï Kondratieff wrote:

I tried to install condor on SuSe 11.2,
I downloaded the condor-7.4.4linux-x86-rhel5-dynamic.1-i386.rpm, then did a rpm -ivh. I tried to do a condor_install, full install, step-by-step, as written in the manual.

But executing ./condor_master gives:

ERROR "No 'MASTER_LOG' parameter specified." at line 170 in file dprintf_config.c

I can't find that file. What can I do now?



Nicolaï Kondratieff

Lehrstuhl für Biotechnik
Henkestraße 91
91052 Erlangen



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