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[Condor-users] Limitations for Windows Submit Machines


does anyone have experience with the limitations for Windows submit machines 
with recent versions of Condor and Windows?
We are running a pool of potentially 520 available nodes with Windows XP. The
machine used to submit into this cluster is a fairly powerful (8 cores, 
24 GiB RAM) server running Windows Server 2008 x64. The Condor version is 7.4.1.
For long running jobs (about 30 minutes), it works to submit a cluster with 
about 8000 jobs with MAX_JOBS_RUNNING at 520. But with shorter jobs (5 minutes)
, we run into issues with the communication between the condor_shadow processes 
and condor_schedd and condor_q not responding correctly any more. With 
MAX_JOBS_RUNNING at 250 these problems don't appear.
Another problems seems to be the overall size of the queue managed by Condor.
With about 20k jobs in the queue, condor_q takes minutes to respond if it does
at all.
Is there anything one can do to improve the performance in this Windows 
environment, or are we at the end of the line here? The bottleneck seems to be
the performance of condor_schedd. Were there any improvements in newer versions
of Condor?

With best regards,

PS: Sorry for the previous incomplete posts, but I had some issues with my
Companies web mailer.