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[Condor-users] CondorG pools

I am using condor 7.4.4 on two VMware Ubuntu machines.


I have setup Globus and can submit and run jobs.  I have setup Condor and can submit and run jobs.  If there is only one machine I can use Globus to run jobs on condor and vice versa.


When I add a second machine and issue a submit with 5 jobs.  2-3 goes to one machine and rest to the other machine.  On the manager machine the jobs run without a problem.  On the second machine the jobs appears to start to run and are put on hold...   For the following reason (from condor_q –better-analyze):


Hold reason: Error from helium.adiroy.com: Failed to open '/home/globus/.globus/job/hydrogen.adiroy.com/16073795612117631466.2588226358823932351/stdout' as standard output: No such file or directory (errno 2)


The directory does not exist and if I create it does nothing.  I have opened my ports for GLOBUS_TCP_PORT and this too did nothing.  I have searched quite extensively on the web but cannot find any more information.  Can someone help me?  Thanks in advance


The job is defined as

executable = /bin/hostname

globusscheduler = hydrogen

universe = globus

output = condorg.out.$(cluster).$(Process)

log = condorg.log.$(cluster).$(Process)


should_transfer_files = YES

when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT


stream_output = true

stream_error = true


queue 5