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Re: [Condor-users] duplicate jobIDs in the condor_history

Santanu Das wrote:
Hi Todd, Ian,

I didn't delete but [now] I think I may have messed it up. I upgraded to v7.4.4 on 18th and I got a totally broken schedd, which was crashing on every start. During my trail and error session, I renamed the current spool directory and reconfigured the condor. I sill have the old spool directory (with the job_queue.log file intact) - is there anything can be done to stop getting duplicate jobID?


Well, I just tried the following on my laptop and it worked --

Lets say you do condor_history and the largest jobId was 1500.0, so you want to "reset" the schedd job id counter to give out jobId 1501.0 as the next jobId to avoid duplicates. Do
  1. condor_off -schedd  and verify the schedd is gone.
2. make a backup copy of file spool/job_queue.log just in case, and then carefully edit spool/job_queue.log to append just this one line to the end of the file:
     103 0.0 NextClusterNum 1501
  3. condor_on -schedd

hope this helps,