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Re: [Condor-users] Condor version for Linux

Sónia Liléo wrote:


Does anyone know where I can find the Condor 6.7.7 version for Linux/Debian?

I am using a software that is built with the condor 6.7.7 version for Windows. But I would like to try running this software on Linux and need therefore the Linux version of Condor 6.7.7.

You should really consider running a more recent stable version of Condor unless you have an absolute reason not to do so. Version 6.7.7 was a developer release from 5.5 years ago.

If you insist on v6.7.7, considering how many years back we are talking, someone would have to rebuild binaries from source. You certainly can find the source code tagged for that version from the repository. See
The tag you will want is V6_7_7. Our documentation for building Condor on Windows from source doesn't go back that far ... it will be similar to the process documented here:

except you will need to use Microsoft Visual Studio 6 as your compiler (not the more modern Visual Studio 2008).




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