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[Condor-users] CFP - Condor Day Japan - Nov 4th 2010

Dear Condor users, especially in Japan.

We are going to organize the first Condor Day Japan Workshop in Tokyo on
November 4th 2010.

         CALL FOR PRESENTATION: Condor Day Japan 2010

            The First Condor Day Japan workshop

                         Nov 4th, 2010
                       Akihabara, Tokyo

"Condor" is a wel-known grid-based free scheduler developed by Condor
Team at Univ of Wisconsin led by Prof. Miron Livny. This is the first
workshop of "Condor" in Japan.  Condor Day Japan 2010 is a one day
workshop that gives collaborators and users the chance to exchange
ideas and experiences, to learn about latest research, to experience
live demos, and to influence our short and long term research and
development directions. Condor Day Japan 2010 will take place on
November 4th.

Topics of interest include, butare not limited to:
- Condor deployment
- Meta-Scheduling
- High Throughput Computing
- Job Scheduler

  Submission Deadline: Oct 18, 2010
  Author Notification: Oct 22, 2010

  Presentations on the topic above are solicited.
  Presentations should be in either English or Japanese.
  Please provide presentation abstract about 200 words
  (in English) or 500 characters (in Japanese) to
  condor-days@xxxxxxxxxxxx .
  We will review and notify the result.

  General Co-Chairs: Satoshi Sekiguchi , AIST
                     Katsuya Nishi, Best Systems, Inc.

  Program Chair:      Hidemoto Nakada, AIST
  Vice Program Chair: Cecile Garros, Argo Graphics

  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

  Best Systems Inc.,  Argo Graphics Inc.

Katsuya Nishi
Best Systems , Inc