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Re: [Condor-users] Hooks in the Scheduler Universe?

David Arthur wrote:
I'm hoping to use the Job Hook system for DAGs. I would like to
utilize the "prepare job" and "job exit" hooks (to get notifications
when the DAG is about to start, and once it's complete).

I would use the SCRIPT PRE/POST functionality, but it seems to only be
on a Node basis rather than the whole graph. The topology of jobs I'm
submitting does not have a "first" or "last" node.

One easy way to accomplish what I think you are after above, esp since you are obviously alraedy familiar with DAGs, is to use "nested" dags. Note that a dagman workflow includes "nodes" that are Condor jobs, and one of those jobs could be a dagman job. So you could take your existing DAG "foo", and make a new DAG that does notify_start -> submit DAG foo -> notify_end.

Take a peek in the DAGMan part of the manual, specifically