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[Condor-users] Condor pool = Windows + Linux ?



I have been using a condor pool with 4 Windows machines that has been working without problems.


I am now trying to configure a new condor pool composed by a central manager that runs Windows and an execute machine that runs Linux.


I am running the Condor daemons in the Linux machine as root.


The software that invokes Condor requires that the submitted jobs have access to a shared directory that exists on the central manager/submitting machine.

I have therefore set up a dedicated account on the execute machine in order to run the jobs.

The execute machine has 4 cores. I have therefore defined SLOT1-4 on the following way,


SLOT1_USER = tachi-02\root

SLOT2_USER = tachi-02\root

SLOT3_USER = tachi-02\root

SLOT4_USER = tachi-02\root



I have then tried to store the password for this account on the execute machine


root@tachi-02:~# condor_store_cred add

Account: root@(null)


Enter password:


Operation failed.

    Make sure your ALLOW_WRITE setting includes this host.


This operation worked fine on my previous Windows condor pool as long as I had the condor_schedd running when storing the password.


1.       Why doesn’t it work on the Linux machine? The condor_schedd daemon is running and the variable ALLOW_WRITE is set to *.

2.       Does condor_store_cred add works on a different way on Linux as compared to Windows?

3.       How should I store the password on a Linux machine?



I have another question.


I have tried to set the variable DAEMON_LIST in the condor_config file of the execute machine as shown below.

##  Daemons you want the master to keep running for you:

DAEMON_LIST                     = MASTER, STARTD


However, the variable does not seem to change even after rebooting the system.

root@tachi-02:~# condor_config_val DAEMON_LIST



Why doesn’t this variable change?








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