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[Condor-users] Questions about Quill

Dear All

I have a couple of questions about quill

In jobs_horizontal_history, the definition of remotewallclocktime in Huang et. al. (2007) quotes "cumulative number of seconds the job has been allocated to a machine".
Is that the number of seconds for the last run or for all runs e.g. does that number include "badput" or not ? I ask because I want to calculate goodput vs badput from jobs_horizontal_history if that's possible in order to come up with a measure of pool efficiency over a running month, which leads me on to my second question.

Is it possible to calculate goodput vs badput from the data in quill and if so, what would the formula look like and which fields would I need to extract from which tables?  I want to use effectively the same calculation as used by "condor_q -global -goodput" (which reports in real-time) to, in essence, give me goodput per globaljobid after massaging the data output from a psql query to our quill database.

Any light you could shed on either problem would be appreciated.

Best regards


# Huang et. al. (2007) An Overview of Quill: A Passive Operational Data Logging System for Condor

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