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Re: [Condor-users] Network BIOS session limit exceeded

Looks like you are hitting the limit of the number of simultaneous, active shares from a client.  You could try not mapping the drive, and use the network path in it's place.  If that is not an option, then you may be able to tweak some registry settings to increase the number of active shares permitted to one client.


On 2010-09-07, at 2:08 PM, Neil Woodhouse wrote:

> Fellow Condor users,
>                I have a variety of Windows boxes, XP, Vista and Win7,
> on my cluster with the pool manager running Windows 2003 R2. I am
> running the processes as run as owner and I run a batch process to run
> everything on the node. It is convenient for us to use the "net use"
> command within that file to make sure we have consistency with running
> the processes. The problem that we have is that an error is produced on
> the system "The network BIOS session limit was exceeded". Does anyone
> know how to overcome this issue? I do actively delete the net use and I
> have tried setting "/persistent:no". I am also led to believe that this
> is an XP or a derivative of XP issue.
> Neil
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