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[Condor-users] Moving the Accountantnew file to a new machine


I'm trying to move the historical usage data from a windows central manager machine to a new linux one but I'm having some issues.
When I copy the Accountantnew.log file from one machine's spool directory to the other, it gets cleared when the condor daemon's are started,
as if it was corrupted or unreadable, although the file looks ok. The last few lines are these:

103 Customer.nice-user.user1@xxxxxxxxxxxx Priority 0.000000
103 Customer.nice-user.user1@xxxxxxxxxxxx AccumulatedUsage 0.000000
103 Customer.nice-user.user1@xxxxxxxxxxxx UnchargedTime 0
103 Customer.user2@xxxxxxxxxxxx Priority 0.000000
103 Customer.user2@xxxxxxxxxxxx AccumulatedUsage 57224.000000
103 Customer.user2@xxxxxxxxxxxx UnchargedTime 0

Is there anything that I should look out for or try to move the data to the new server?