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[Condor-users] Condor-G help

When I try to run a job using condor-g.  I receive the following error in the log file


000 (015.001.000) 04/05 15:39:18 Job submitted from host: <>


020 (015.001.000) 04/05 15:39:21 Detected Down Globus Resource

    RM-Contact: royk-00.unique.local


026 (015.001.000) 04/05 15:39:21 Detected Down Grid Resource

    GridResource: gt5 royk-00. unique.local



I am using Fedora, a similar setup works using Ubuntu. 

I am able to run jobs without problem using condor or Globus, just not together. 

I have disabled my fireball.


Why wouldn’t Condor be able to find globus/grid universe?


Here is the job definition:

Executable                      = /bin/hostname

universe                        = grid

grid_resource                   = gt5 royk-00.unique.local


Log                             = /scratch/log/globus.$(cluster).$(Process)

output                          = /scratch/out/globus.$(cluster).$(Process)

error                           = /scratch/err/globus.$(cluster).$(Process)


should_transfer_files           = YES

when_to_transfer_output         = ON_EXIT


Queue 2