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Re: [Condor-users] Why my script is suspended


On Thursday 07 April 2011 08:43:51 Raman Sehgal wrote:
> I am executing one script,
> The problem is when i execute the script on local system then
> it works fine.
> But when i execute it using condor then it got suspended.
> I am confused in this,
> becoz what i know is , either it should work in both the cases or in none.

Not necessarily. Do you redirect stdout and stderr to files, if so, can you 
check if something is there?

what does condor_q or condor_q -hold tell you?

> If anyone had experienced this type of problem then please suggest me that
> what can be the cause of this behaviour.
> and also how to resolv it.

also the full output of condor_q -l <jobid> might give you a good hint, what's