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Re: [Condor-users] end-time for failed jobs

On 11/04/2011 17:40, Erik Erlandson wrote:

so, you mean 'CompletionDate == 0' is equivalent to  'CompletionDate == undefined'?

Apologies, it should have been 'CompletionDate =!= 0'.

Another variation is:   'ifThenElse(JobStatus==4, CompletionDate, EnteredCurrentStatus)'

Yes, those work. But how can I use that _expression_ to construct a query string? e.g. if I want to query the jobs that finished this month, regardless of their JobStatus, doing this simply doesn't work.
condor_history -c 'formatTime('ifThenElse(JobStatus == 4, CompletionDate, EnteredCurrentStatus)', "%m") == "04"'
Dong this:
condor_history -c 'formatTime(CompletionDate, "%m") == "04" || formatTime(EnteredCurrentStatus, "%m") == "04"'

should do the job but I think former one is better and more accurate(??). 



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