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[Condor-users] submitting a instance of job on one machine, other instance of job on other machine and so on......

Hi Everyone,

I have 6 window machines which are dual core.Can I assign one job to one machine and other job to other machine and so on...i.e For suppose I have three jobs that should run on condor and say I want to run these jobs on three different machine, if Jobs are marked as J1,J2 and J3 and machines are marked as M1,M2 and M3.

So condor should do as follows

Run J1 on any one of the core of M1
Run J2 on any one of the core of M2
Run J3 on any one of the core of M3

How can I tell the condor to do this.If condor doesn't support this ,is there any other alternative to do it.