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[Condor-users] Standard Universe and Job Hooks (condor_starter vs condor_starter.std)

Hi all,

We have a hook that must be called for each job running in our cluster, an instance of xxxxx_HOOK_JOB_EXIT. In the Vanilla universe (the one most of our jobs use), there is no problem, and it works almost as expected (I say almost because the exit reason is shown as "evict" even when "condor_rm" is used, but that's not an important problem for us).

We have recently found that this hook is completely ignored for Standard universe jobs. According to the documentation it should work, and it is condor_starter's job to run the hooks. However, there seem to be two condor_starter executables, one for most jobs, and another one (condor_starter.std) for Standard universe jobs. Furthermore, in the sourece code there are two completely different implementations, and the Standard universe one seems to have no hook capability at all, so I don't know if this is a bug or a feature ;-)

What are our options for implementing hooks for Standard Universe jobs? Is this being worked upon (in development versions), or we should find a workaround? We already tried ditching condor_starter.std, but the default condor_starter doesn't seem to be able to start Standard Universe jobs.

Thanks in advance,


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