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[Condor-users] Remote Scheduler Job Submission


I am trying to submit a job from one of the execute node (running only condor_master and condor_startd daemons) to central manager by

condor_submit –name “scheduler name” job1.cmd                        and also

condor_submit –remote “scheduler name” job1.cmd

But I am getting this Authentication Error:

Submitting job(s)

ERROR: Failed to connect to queue manager xxxx.xxx.edu

AUTHENTICATE:1003:Failed to authenticate with any method

AUTHENTICATE:1004:Failed to authenticate using GSI

GSI:5003:Failed to authenticate.  Globus is reporting error (851968:45).  There is probably a problem with your credentials.  (Did you run grid-proxy-init?)

AUTHENTICATE:1004:Failed to authenticate using KERBEROS

AUTHENTICATE:1004:Failed to authenticate using FS


I don’t want users to submit jobs to different schedulers that’s why I am not running the schedulers on the execute nodes. This is a special scenario.


Do I need to setup Globus CA etc… to authenticate remote scheduler job submission? Or is there any other easy way to do this.