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[Condor-users] CondorWeek t-shirts, 10000-core clusters and Condor GUI

Hi Condor Folks,
We're looking forward to seeing many of you at Condor Week again this year. As always, we'll have a reception on Wednesday night and free CondorWeek t-shirts available based upon your voting.

In anticipation of CondorWeek, I wanted to highlight some work that we'll be discussing next week. First, as you may have noticed on the Condor home page, our CycleCloud cluster as a service recently started a 10000-core Condor cluster in the Cloud for $1060/hr total cost, which you can read some technical details about here:

Second, for the past month, we have made our CycleServer management tool available for download. Please see our overview here:

A starter license is $10, with proceeds being donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Association. This covers either a 4000-core University environment or a 240-core Enterprise pool.

After downloading there are links to the Admin and User manuals, and forums are available on CycleComputing.com. We'll also be doing a tutorial on Tuesday at CondorWeek on how to install and configure CycleServer to manage configs, visualize job progress, and analyze cluster performance.

Please feel free to contact us on our forums with any questions, or at http://cyclecomputing.com/contact or e-mail me, Rob Futrick, Ian Alderman, Ian Chesal, or any of the Cyclers that frequent this user list.


Jason A. Stowe
cell: 607.227.9686
main: 888.292.5320


Cycle Computing, LLC
Leader in Open Compute Solutions for Clouds, Servers, and Desktops
Enterprise Condor Support and Management Tools