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[Condor-users] Power Management

Some questions and help sought with Power Management (Wake-on-LAN, etc.).

I had some early success with a simple test on a small pool with Condor
7.4, and following pretty much what the manual says.

We are now trying on more machines in our main pool; we see:
- Condor sleeping the machine when jobs are still active.
- Sometimes the LAN light stops flickering altogether (but we may have
fixed that one).
- If a user is logged-in but goes inactive for a while, the machine is
shutdown. If he or she walks away, when the next user (or Condor) wakes up
the Linux (red hat) box the user is still logged in.

Some specific questions:
1. Would we see major improvement by going to 7.6?
2. Would anyone like to share their condor_config.local lines that they
use successfully with power management?
3. We use dynamic slots. We have one slot per machine that is then
dynamically partitioned. Is this likely to be impacting power management?

Thanks for any help,

Ian Cottam
IT Services for Research
Faculty of EPS
The University of Manchester