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[Condor-users] transfer_input_files do not copy directories on Windows XP

Hi all,


On our system we can use transfer_input_files to copy files but if we specify a directory we get


ERROR: Can't open ".."  with flags 00 (Permission denied)


It does not matter whether we specify a trailing slash or not. Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated!


We’re running

$CondorVersion: 7.6.0 Apr 16 2011 BuildID: 327460 $

$CondorPlatform: x86_winnt_5.1 $


on Windows-XP, version 5.1, SP3).


The submit file looks something like:


universe = vanilla

executable = xx.cmd

environment = PATH=…

run_as_owner = true

output = xx.out

error = xx.errors

log = xx.log

should_transfer_files = YES

transfer_input_files = C:/workfiles/dir/

when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT



Best regards,

Tomas L