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[Condor-users] How to shrink quill database?


Our quill database has ballooned recently to the point where it takes
over 75% of its partition. I've had to disable the quill & dbmsd daemons
to allow condor to continue to run.

Is there a way, either through Condor or Postgres, that we can reduce
this size? Vacuuming/emptying specific tables leaps to mind (a whole DB
vacuum exceeds our current settings), but I'm not sure if this is safe.
Also, I can't find a sql folder in the release directory to try 'psql -h
hostname -d databasename < pgsql_dropddl.sql' mentioned on the wiki.

I don't mind losing it all & starting from scratch, but I'm a postgres
novice & don't want to cripple it completely.


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