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[Condor-users] 回复: submit a "standard" job to Condor

Thank you for your help!
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主题: Re: [Condor-users] submit a "standard" job to Condor

> I'm new in using condor, and I submit my first job,but the output is:
> Submitting job(s)
> ERROR: You are trying to submit a "standard" job to Condor. However,
> this installation of Condor does not support the Standard Universe.
> $CondorVersion: 7.6.2 Aug 21 2011 BuildID: UW_development $
> $CondorPlatform: X86_64-ScientificLinux_6.0 $
> then I use vanilla universe to submit, and I succeed. But I'm wonder why
> I can't use the standard universe?
> I download the package "condor_src-7.6.2-all-all.tar.gz", and build and
> installed it. All things were all right.

Because of all the nifty low-level things Condor performs in standard
universe, such as process migration and remote system calls, it
typically requires human developer time/effort to port to every new OS
release as it is sensitive to glibc and kernel changes.

Porting of standard universe to RHEL6 / SL6 was just recently completed,
and will debut in Condor v7.6.3 (which will appear on the web this
week).  So if you download v7.6.3 and build it with the proper cmake
options for standard universe support, it will work.  Or download v7.6.3
RHEL6 binaries from the UW site if you do not want to build it yourself.


p.s. Details re the work to port of standard universe to RHEL6 / SL6
appears here: