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[Condor-users] Can I have info on flocked jobs on a central master?


I am in charge of a condor master, say PC_A, with about 300 pool PCs.
Somebody else has a condor master, say PC_B, without any pool PCs.

Both PCs are configured such that PC_B can flock jobs to PC_A, but I have no user or root login to PC_B.

On PC_A I'd like to analyze the condor efficiency of the flocked jobs by looking at the data one usually finds in the job's log file:
- when did the job start
- how often was it restarted on another PC
- when did the job finish

(Since I cannot log in to PC_B, I have no access to the job's log file!)

Do I have this data on PC_A after a flocked job is finished and "flocked back" to its origin PC?

And what commands can I use to learn more about how the flocked jobs are handled by the condor master PC_A?

Thank you!