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Re: [Condor-users] Offset $(process) or simple arithmetic in JDL file

On 16.12.2011. 3:28, Matthew Farrellee wrote:
condor_submit is being too helpful, checking that the output file can be
written to upfront. In this case, condor_submit could check the correct
file, but in general condor_submit has no hope of knowing what the
expression will evaluate to. Seems condor_submit should skip this file
check when $$([]) is present.


Thanks for the quick response.

I did a bit more digging and figured out the actual problem. I am using Condor only for submitting jobs to Grid and it seems that grid universe (grid_type gt2) does not support the substitution.

Here is my job:
TransferExecutable = False
skip_filechecks = True
grid_resource = gt2 ce.cro-ngi.hr/jobmanager-maui

After submission I find in condorG.log:
018 (010.000.000) 12/16 11:37:28 Globus job submission failed!
    Reason: 48 the provided RSL could not be properly parsed

Finally in the Globus log on the target machine I found that substitution is not done:
&(rsl_substitution=(GRIDMANAGER_GASS_URL https://ha.cro-ngi.hr:20886))(executable='/bin/hostname')(scratchdir='')(directory=$(SCRATCH_DIRECTORY))(stdout=$(GLOBUS_CACHED_STDOUT))(stderr=$(GLOBUS_CACHED_STDERR))(file_stage_out=($(GLOBUS_CACHED_STDOUT) $(GRIDMANAGER_GASS_URL)#'/home/eimamagi/hostname.gt2.$'#$([0+100])#'.out')($(GLOBUS_CACHED_STDERR) $(GRIDMANAGER_GASS_URL)#'/home/eimamagi/hostname.gt2.$'#$([0+100])#'.err'))(proxy_timeout=240)(save_state=yes)(two_phase=3600)(remote_io_url=$(GRIDMANAGER_GASS_URL))

Emir Imamagic
Sektor za racunalne sustave
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