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[Condor-users] submit file problem


i have a problem regarding the submit file. i have 4 images (A0.png - A3.png). i need to run myexec twice on each image but with different arguments. but then i need the log file to be grouped by image because i need to see how long does it take to run both executables on an image. this submit file does not work. after the first queue, it looks for A4.png which doesnt exist.

universe = vanilla
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
executable = myexec
input = A$(Process).png

log = set$(Cluster).log
output = set1-firstArg.out$(Cluster).$(Process)
arguments = arg1 arg2
queue 4
output = set1-secArg.out$(Cluster).$(Process) #Process has become 4 here 
arguments = arg1 arg3
queue 4

is there any way i can do this?