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[Condor-users] bash script

hi everyone
                  i wrote a for loop shell script and i submitted it to condor, with changing the excutable and arguments (for the executable i put "/bin/bash" instead of "for" and for the argument i put "myfile.sh" like advised by Dimitri Maziuk), and it worked well but it works only on one nod (when i check with condor_q only one job is generated and running)

the content of my .job.submit file after modification :

Universe    = vanilla
Requirements    = Arch =="X86_64"
Priority    = 0
Executable    = /bin/sh
Output        = .MC_recon_all_tout_gd.sh.job.out
Error        = .MC_recon_all_tout_gd.sh.job.err
Log        = .MC_recon_all_tout_gd.sh.job.log
Getenv        = True
Arguments    = "MC_recon_all_tout_gd.sh"

thanks for help