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[Condor-users] R: Re: R: Re: elf on windows

cna I ask you your standard pc hardware config?
however I suppose that running POVB will allow me to use the windows PC "as" 
linux to run condor-jobs written for linux. I wish we could use the PCs also 
for win32 applications


>>I will check the POVB, if it's suitable for our hardware. I believe that
>>having a VM running in background even if not doing anything is not so
>Our users don't notice it is there, assuming that is the "not so light"
>you refer to.
>Of course you need to make sure it suspends quickly when they come back to
>their PCs.
>ps: I prefer it over CoLinux because there is
>no 32-bit only Windows limitation.
>Co-Linux people may be working to remove such, but
>I don't know any timescales.