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Re: [Condor-users] Reseting the ImageSize

Hi Alan, 

> I changed the ImageSize, in fact I tried, but the command didn't ended with code 0. Also, I messed up the whole system, so it was necessary restart the services to be able to see again the status of the schedd and jobs.

Ooh - that's not good. I imagine that adjusting ImageSize could lead to *bad things*.
I think I understand a little more now. You say that

> the job ImageSize still will be greater than 2GB available per job (ImageSize = 2500000, in this case).

is that ImageSize correct (have you checked the memory footprint on a non-condor machine) ? There seems to be an issue with some multi-threaded binaries reporting the wrong memory size:


However, if you have actually got a real memory footprint of 2.5 GB then it is inadvisable to run this on a machine with only 2GB of RAM available! If there really is more than 2GB available then you could change the limits for those nodes.

Hope that helps, Dan

Dan O'Donovan Ph.D
SBGrid Consortium
Harvard Medical School