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[Condor-users] Job held


I got follwoing error  for my jobid 1.0
condor_q -submitter sunil -analyze 1.0

Warning:  Found no submitters

-- Submitter: sunil@xxxxxxxxxxx : <> : cdrstdu.edu
001.000:  Request is held.

Hold reason: Error from slot1@xxxxxxxxxxx: Failed to open '/home/sunil/test.out' as standard output: Permission denied (errno 13)

Thank you
With Best Regards

On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 1:45 PM, Lukas Slebodnik <slebodnik@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Sunil,

You could find more informations about your jobs using suitable condor_q
options. Many problems can be diagnosed by using the  -analyze option
of the condor_q command. Another usefull condor_q options is  -better-analyze
which perform a more time-consuming, but potencially more  extensive analysis.

Many people will help you, if you send its output.

Also you could find more information in Condor maual:


On Wed, Jun 08, 2011 at 12:00:01PM +0530, Sunil M. Dogra wrote:
> Hi
> I have installed condor-7.6.1-1.x86_64 on linux 5.5 machine (Xeon-QuardCore)
> https://twiki.grid.iu.edu/bin/view/ReleaseDocumentation/ClusterCondorInstall
> I submitted a test job but I did not get outop and the jobs is in idle
> state.
> Any help will be appricated.
> Thank you
> With Regards
> sunil
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