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Re: [Condor-users] determine machine matching order

Michael Di Domenico wrote:
Assuming someone submits a generic vanilla universe job with no
specifics, how does condor determine the order which to dole out the
machine matches, assume defaults (out of the box condor setup)?  And
can I dictate it?

To be more specific (here's what i tried), our condor pool is
comprised of three classes of machines

Dedicated Condor only nodes
HPC Clusters
Generic computing nodes

I'd like to ensure that if someone submits jobs with no requirements
expressions, that nodes are matched in the above descending order.

I believe currently, it's matching based on kflops, which in our case
means matches take place all over the place.

I did a condor_status -l node | grep -i rank


where nodepriority is a decreasing number starting from top to bottom
of the above list

and condor_q -l <jobid>.<processid>


I'm not sure if I've missed something or not.

Is there a better way to accomplish this?

You don't want to be using the RANK expression in condor_config - that is an expression that tells machines which jobs to prefer, and you want the opposite.

I think you can have what you want in 20 minutes. :).

My advice:

1. First get your "NODEPRIORITY" attribute inserted into the machine classads so it shows up when you do condor_status -l. You can follow a HOWTO for this here:

2. Next follow the HOWTO advice listed here:

hope this helps,