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Re: [Condor-users] nfs and condor

Mag Gam wrote:
I am very curious about the condor_transfer_files tricks. Ideally,
write to local drives and then tranfsfer the files back to submit host
or place them back into NFS.

Most of us see stdout and stderr when we submit jobs and look at their
progress. Would be still be able to do that with condor_transfer_files

See the section in the Condor Manual 'Submitting Jobs Without a Shared File System', online at

Along with the condor_submit man page section on file transfer options, this should answer all your questions in this area. Unless we missed something writing these Manual sections, in which case please let us know. :)

Re your stdout and stderr question - if you put:
  stream_output = true
  stream_error = true
in your job submit file, then stdout/err will be streamed back from the execute machine to the submit machine in real-time as the job runs.