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Re: [Condor-users] Job was held. Cannot expand $${Opsys).

Hey Todd,

Thanks for responding to my email.  Unfortunately, I do not think
"undefined" is the problem.  I ran the "condor_status -constraint
"OpSys=?=UNDEFINED"" command you suggested and didn't get anything
back.  I also checked every node in our small pool (using
condor_status -long | grep OpSys) and see that OpSys is set to be
either WINNT51 or LINUX as reported by condor_q long.

I have tried both of the following requirements settings and they both
produce my HOLD problem:

requirements = (OpSys == "LINUX" && Arch == "X86_64") || (OpSys ==
"WINNT51" && Arch == "INTEL")
requirements = (OpSys == "WINNT51" && Arch == "INTEL")

Since some of my jobs are running, my best guess is one of the
WindosXP nodes is not configured properly.  I am going to
systematically take the nodes out of the pool to see if I get the
problem to go away.  However, I am open to suggestions if anyone has
an alternative approach.

Thanks again,

- Dirk

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 5:13 PM, Todd Tannenbaum <tannenba@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dirk Colbry wrote:
>> I have an executable compiled and running in both windows and linux
>> and would like to make a condor job that can run on either.  However,
>> it seems to only be working some of the time.  The rest of the time I
>> get the following output in my log file:
>> 000 (074.1005.000) 06/06 15:06:33 Job submitted from host:
>> <XX.X.12.45:9636>
>> ...
>> 012 (074.1005.000) 06/06 16:57:47 Job was held.
>>        Cannot expand $$(OpSys).
>>        Code 0 Subcode 0
>> I have named my two executables avida.LINUX.exe and avida.WINNT51.exe
>> and included the following executable line in my condor submission
>> script:
>> executable = avida.$$(OpSys).exe
>> If I set up the requirements to only run on LINUX, X86-64 then the job
>> runs fine.  However, when I set it up to run on windows I sometimes
>> get the above error (But not all the time).  I can make the error go
>> away if I hard code the executable to avida.WINNT51.exe but that
>> defeats the purpose.  I looked though the logs but nothing jumped out
>> and I am not sure which log I should be focusing on.
>> My best guess is that there is something configured wrong on one of my
>> windows nodes which is causing the problem.   I tried googling this in
>> may different ways but did not find anything similar.  Any hints on
>> where I should be looking?
> Strange.  The above implies that you have some machine ads out there that do
> not have an OpSys attribute?! Does the following command return anything?
>  condor_status -constraint "OpSys=?=UNDEFINED"
> What does your Requirements line in your submit file look like?  Maybe
> setting it to explicitly require that OpSys is defined and is either LINUX
> or WINNT51 would help, like so:
>  requirements = opsys =?= "LINUX" || opsys =?= "WINNT51"
> Note the use of meta-equals to be certain a value for opsys of UNDEFINED is
> not acceptable.
> regards,
> Todd
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