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[Condor-users] Mosix Like Monitor Tool (CPU Load of my Condor Pool)?

Hi All,
I was wonder if anyone can tell me if there is a open source tool for checking the CPU load of the entire condor pool.
I have 10 Linux ( 24 cores each) running Debian and I would like to see what is the load on each node in one simple window.
Surely I can run top on each node to see it's status, but it will be cool to see it in the same window.
In the days of Mosix there was a tool name mmon (http://www.clusterlogic.net/wiki/index.php?n=Gossimon.Screenshots u can see here)
and it suppose to work on Linux even if you do not have a Mosix kernel based.
I didn't manage to make it work, so maybe someone can point me to a smiler solution.
We could use RRDTOOL like catcti to make cpu/memory load graph, but I more into a console based solution.
I just don't get it how this amazing project has no web management tool? or do i miss something....?