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Re: [Condor-users] Cross-platform submission (Windows->Linux) gives permission denied on execution host

Condor would set executable flag if TransferExecutable was TRUE. why did you set it to FALSE?


On 6/21/2011 8:35 AM, Felix Wolfheimer wrote:
I face the following problem. We have a bunch of Windows and Linux
nodes in our pool. Users typically work on Windows nodes but the
execution hosts can be either Windows or Linux. When a job is
submitted to the pool which does not care whether it runs on Windows
or Linux I write in the submit script (submitted from a Windows

Executable = MyExe-$$(Opsys)-$$(Arch).exe
TransferExecutable = false
TransferInputFiles = MyExe-Windows-X86_64.exe,MyExe-Linux-X86_64.exe

I expected that Condor adds the executable flag to the file which
actually becomes the executable depending on the values of OpSys and
Arch on the execution machine and then executes it. But when a Linux
execution host was selected I instead get a "permission denied" error
from this host because the file MyExec-Linux-X86_64.exe was correctly
transferred but it is missing the executable flag. However, when I

Executable = MyExe-Linux-X86_64.exe
TransferExecutable = true

in the submit script everything works well. Condor renames then the
"MyExe-Linux-X86_64.exe" on the execution host to "condor_exec.exe"
and then executes it. Obviously, it adds the executable flag in this

Additionally, when I submit the job from a Linux host the approach
above (with the $$(OpSys) in the name of the executable) works when I
set the executable flag for the MyExec-Linux-X86_64.exe on the submit
host. So only the case when I submit from a Windows host to a Linux
host is causing trouble.

Is there a way to force Condor to add the executable flag to whatever
file is specified as "Executable"?
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