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Re: [Condor-users] Cross-platform submission (Windows->Linux) gives permission denied on execution host

Hi Ian,

thank you very much! The small wrapper script you suggested made it work! :-)

@John Knoeller: I can't use "TransferExecutable = true" because the
name of the executable depends on the OpSys and Arch attribute of the
machine which will be selected for the execution. Thus, I have to
parameterize it using

Executable = MyExe-$$(OpSys)-$$(Arch).exe

When I parameterize the executable this way I can't use
"TransferExecutable = true" anymore especially when I use the
"-remote" submission as some users need to do because they are using
laptops which are not up and running all the time and so they need to
use some "spooling" host which is up and running all the time and can
run the shadow process for their jobs. However, if you use the
"-remote" option for the condor_submit command it fails immediately
when you parameterize the name of the executable and select
"TransferExecutable = true" at the same time.

2011/6/21 Ian Chesal <ichesal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Felix,
> On Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 9:35 AM, Felix Wolfheimer wrote:
> Is there a way to force Condor to add the executable flag to whatever
> file is specified as "Executable"?
> Not directly.
> The quick way to solve this would be to use the USER_JOB_WRAPPER setting on
> your linux execute nodes
> (see http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v7.6/3_3Configuration.html#18951).
> Something simple like:
>    #!/bin/bash
>    chmod +x $1
>    exec "$@"
> Would suffice for your Linux jobs. Save it as
> /usr/local/bin/condor_job_wrapper and then add:
> USER_JOB_WRAPPER = /usr/local/bin/condor_job_wrapper.sh
> To your config on your execute nodes.
> Regards,
> - Ian
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