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[Condor-users] When is machine RANK evaluated? Was: Rank expressions not evaluated

Hi all

essentially this is just a rewrite of Henning's question, but in a somewhat 
broader scope:

I think we understand the negotiation cycle to some extend, but we don't know 
under which circumstances the machine RANK is evaluated. It seems it will ONLY 
be evaluated if the effective user priority (EUP) is sufficient to exceed at 
least the "fair share quota".

At least we discovered that this seems to be true, i.e. user A has an EUP of 
1000 and user B of 100000 and we have 8 slots user A gets all. However, we 
want to give user B the possibility to move into certain slots and hence set 
the machine RANK to something like this:

Rank = IfThenElse(WantGPU =?= true,1000,0)

(also with prefix TARGET.)

User A does not have this set, should thus have a lower Rank than User B (me), 
however, it seems this does not help:

06/28/11 14:25:55 Socket to carsten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (<>) 
already in cache, reusing
06/28/11 14:25:55     Over submitter resource limit (0.000000, used 0.000000) 
... only consider startd ranks
06/28/11 14:25:55     Sending SEND_JOB_INFO/eom
06/28/11 14:25:55     Getting reply from schedd ...
06/28/11 14:25:55     Got JOB_INFO command; getting classad/eom
06/28/11 14:25:55     Request 00102.00000:
06/28/11 14:25:55 matchmakingAlgorithm: limit 0.000000 used 0.000000 pieLeft 

06/28/11 14:25:55       Rejected 102.0 carsten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
<>: fair share exceeded

Can I infer from this that RANK is never evaluated unless EUP also is in 

(We are currently resorting to GROUPs ttrying to resolve this but so far to no 

Anyone who can shed some light what we are doing wrong?