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[Condor-users] Update on CycleCloud BigScience Challenge

Hi all,
I recently announced that we're giving away the equivalent of 8-hrs on a 30000 core cluster for a grand prize winner and 4 hours on 3000 core clusters for up to 5 finalists as part of a BigScience Challenge. We've gotten a great response and wanted to share this blog entry with a description of some of the applications we've received:

Members of the UWisc and Condor communities have applied, and I wanted to welcome more university and research lab folks to enter.

The application process is 4 straightforward questions (takes less than half an hour): State who you are, what your research is, why it is important, and how you currently run computation.

Submissions are due on November 7th, so submit early and we hope to help some of you get some BigScience done quickly.



Jason A. Stowe
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