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[Condor-users] Pool with some dynamic slots

Good afternoon,

I have run into an issue which even the latest manual (7.6.4) cannot help
to resolve.
I'm running a pool, consisting of a number of nodes which for traditional
reasons have been "hard-partitioned". Some of them offer a single slot,
with 2500 MB of RAM, and some are split at ~40/60 ratio.
Now I want to add another node which comes with 8 GB installed, and use
dynamic provisioning.

Here's my submit file:

universe   = vanilla
initialdir = /home/testuser/test
notification = Never
on_exit_remove = (ExitBySignal == False) || ((ExitBySignal == True) && (ExitSignal != 11))

executable = /bin/sleep
arguments  =  1800

Requirements = (Memory >= 2600)

request_cpus = 1
request_memory = 2650

queue 4

What confuses me is the semantics of the Requirements and request_memory

To avoid the jobs being scheduled onto the old-style slots, I have to 
define Requirements which rule out those.
If I set request_memory = 500, the matchmaker will assign the proper slot,
but the startd will hand back the job - resulting in a condor_q -better
output of "job not yet considered by the matchmaker" (which isn't true),
and the job starting never.
If I raise the number to 2650, the job(s) will run (3 of them in parallel
as only ~500 MB are left on the slot).
If I remove the Requirements line, the job will be matched against an
old-style slot which isn't large enough.

Where's my mistake?


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