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Re: [Condor-users] Privileges problems on family edition of Windows Vista/7?

1) Are you trying to run Condor as a service or are you running the
Condor master under your own user account?
2) If running under your own user account, does your account have
admin privileges.
3) If you are running Condor as a service, is the version of Windows
you are trying to run it on a non-English version?

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 5:26 AM, Sukender <suky0001@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> 1. It seems I can't run Condor properly on a Family edition of Windows (Vista/Seven): Condor daemons complain about SYSTEM privileges.
> Did anyone successfully ran Condor on such a configuration? If so, how?
> 2. I tried the same on a Windows Server 2008 R2. There is no privileges issues anymore, but jobs are never run and logs did not tell me much about the problem.
> Can anyone help ?
> Details follow...
> Versions tested: 7.7.2 and 7.6.4
> Architecture : X86_64
> I just tried to setup a personal Condor on a Windows 7 machine, and it systematically fails for some critical operations:
>  - "condor_store_cred add" always fail, complaining about privileges ("Operation failed. Target daemon is not running as SYSTEM.")
>  - Jobs (vanilla) stay forever in the queue ("Request has not yet been considered by the matchmaker.")
> The ShadowLog also complaints about permissions ("init_user_ids: failed because user switching is disabled", see below).
> Of course, I double checked that the MSI installer properly set the service as using "LOCAL SYSTEM" user... and of course, I tried to delete/reinstall multiple times.
> What is very strange is that personal Condor worked perfectly on Windows XP (Pro, SP3, and after calling "condor_store_cred add").
> I also tried to setup a Condor manager on a Windows Server 2008 R2. It works a bit better, but that's not 100%:
>  - Pool is created, and call to "condor_store_cred add" succeeded (ShadowLog is ok).
>  - My "Windows 7 Family" machine has been reconfigured to join the pool and is visible when typing "condor_status"
>  - Neither the "Windows Server" nor the "Windows 7" can submit jobs successfully. They stay in the queue forever (but maybe for different reasons). "-analyze" says "Reject your job because of their own requirements".
>    - "Windows 7" 's ShadowLog still says "init_user_ids: failed because user switching is disabled" (which seems coherent!)
>    - "Windows Server" 's ShadowLog is ok, but SchedLog shows strange things about job submitted from the other machine ("condor_read() failed..." "Response problem from startd when requesting claim..." "Failed to send REQUEST_CLAIM..."), and nothing about the job submitted locally.
> My ShadowLog (Windows 7 machine), complaining about privileges:
> 11/15/11 11:44:58 (6.0) (5588): init_user_ids: failed because user switching is disabled
> 11/15/11 11:44:58 (6.0) (5588): init_user_ids() failed as user Sukender
> 11/15/11 11:44:58 (6.0) (5588): init_user_ids: failed because user switching is disabled
> 11/15/11 11:44:58 (6.0) (5588): WriteUserLog::initialize: init_user_ids() failed!
> 11/15/11 11:44:58 (6.0) (5588): Failed to initialize user log to C:/Temp\condor_job_test.log
> 11/15/11 11:44:58 (6.0) (5588): Job 6.0 going into Hold state (code 22,0): Failed to initialize user log to C:/Temp\condor_job_test.log
> 11/15/11 11:44:58 (6.0) (5588): RemoteResource::killStarter(): DCStartd object NULL!
> 11/15/11 11:44:59 (6.0) (5588): SetEffectiveOwner(Sukender) failed with errno=13: Permission denied.
> 11/15/11 11:44:59 (6.0) (5588): Failed to update job queue!
> 11/15/11 11:44:59 (6.0) (5588): ERROR "Failed to initialize user log to C:/Temp\condor_job_test.log" at line 855 in file c:\condor\execute\dir_3188\userdir\src\condor_shadow.v6.1\baseshadow.cpp
> Cheers,
> Sukender
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