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[Condor-users] Windows removing execute directories

Hello Condor People

I am finding inconsistent behavior with respect to the removal of execute directories. Running Condor 7.6.1 on Windows (mix of Server 2008 and Win7 and XP boxes and blades). I had a few big (100,000+ runs) jobs that got interrupted due to tons of network troubles, but in the end, about 50GB of data is still sitting in c:\Condor\execute directories on some of the machines.

Most of the time, when a Condor job ends, the execute directory is deleted. Sometimes I would prefer it to stay in place for debugging.

So in the end two questions:
1) is there a command to do some housecleaning and go through all machines in a Condor pool and blast away the contents of the execute directories?
2) is there a way to prevent Condor from removing execute directories when debugging a problem?


Michael Fienen, Ph. D.
Research Hydrologist, Groundwater Specialist
United States Geological Survey
Wisconsin Water Science Center