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[Condor-users] Windows / Linux produce different Requirements in classad

Submitting jobs from Linux works fine, submitting jobs from windows idle in queue with the following error.

condor_q -ana shows:

1   ( TARGET.HasWindowsRunAsOwner && ( TARGET.LocalCredd is "condor-master.Emea.Arm.com" ) )
                                      0                   REMOVE

condor_status -l hostname shows LocalCredd and HasWindowsRunAsOwner are both fine.

Submitting the exact same job file from windows and linux with the requirements:

Run_As_Owner = True
Requirements = (OpSys=="WINNT51" && ARCH=="INTEL")

However when viewing the job classad, windows is nice enough to tack something on the end of the requirements expression which seems to be causing the job to get stuck in the queue
&& ( TARGET.HasWindowsRunAsOwner && ( TARGET.LocalCredd =?= "condor-master.****.com" )

1. is =?= case sensitive?
2. Any ideas why windows is appending this extra requirements and it's causing the job to fail?


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