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[Condor-users] license management


I have a peculiar problem. We use a commercial software which is license controlled, is there some way I can have condor to check the license before submitting the job?
I found this thread (https://www-auth.cs.wisc.edu/lists/condor-users/2008-October/msg00086.shtml) in which the same problem was exposed and the solution was setting the total number of licenses, but I can not do that because the total number of license available to the condor pool is variable.
In other words, if someone outside the pool is using the software one license less will be available.

I can use this command to get the number of licenses being used: "lmstat -c <port>@<licenseserver> -f <feature>"
Is there some way I could set a limit using this, like:
LICENSELIMIT=`lmstat -c <port>@<licenseserver> -f <feature>`

and put it in the job requirement?