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[Condor-users] Condor_cred on the pool of Linx and Windows machines


I am trying to administer pool consisting of 3 Windows machine and one Linux. The central manager is on Windows machine. I configured the condor_credd daemon the way it is described in the manual. In the config files allow_config is equal to Administer@*,where administer is the administer account on each machine.then i used condor_store_cred add -c on each machine,and i entered the same password. the operation succeded on 4 machines,but if i check it with condor_store_cred query, only on the central macine it says:a credential is stored and valid, but on the other machines it says:operation failed.
And now I can't submit any jobs with "run_as_owner  = true". 
If  the job requires Windows OS, after submission condor_shadow sends error-message: Failed to read packet header.
If the job requires Linux, after submission job is put on idle state and nothing happens,even condor_shadow doesn't start.

Can you help me?