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[Condor-users] Installing Condor

Hi all,

I'm having some difficulty getting a condor pool set up and I was hoping someone could answer a few questions.

I will have a dedicated condor cluster with about 100 processing nodes / 1200 cores.

I've set up a single central manager that serves as a submit node and a scheduler.

I'm running on redhat 6 and I've installed the condor RPM (condor-7.6.4-1)

Questions -

I was not planning to assign domain names to the processing nodes.  The central manager does have one.  I've edited the condor_config to set NO_DNS to true and default domain name to hpc.fsu.edu.  Is this going to be problematic?  Should I go ahead and set up a DNS server to manager names for each of the processing nodes?

I'm using this line to install condor -

condor_configure --install=/usr --local-dir=/condor --central-manager= --type=execute --owner=condor --overwrite --env-scripts-dir=/condor

For some reason the install creates release directories in the directory I run the command from. I would expect them to be in /usr and the condor.sh created point to a condor_config in /usr/etc as I would expect.

In additon - I'm now getting this error when I try to run condor_master -

ERROR "gethostname failed, errno = 0" at line 347 in file /home/condor/execute/dir_491/userdir/src/condor_utils/my_hostname.cpp

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Florida State University HPC