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Re: [Condor-users] how to submit this kind of job?

the command isn't executed
  1. wget
  2. --2011-11-30 10:44:42--
  3. Connecting to connected.
  4. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
  5. Length: unspecified [application/xml]
  6. Saving to: `dataimport?command=full-import.3'

  7.     [ <=>                                                                                   ] 822         --.-K/s   in 0s      

  8. 2011-11-30 10:44:42 (94.3 MB/s) - `dataimport?command=full-import.3' saved [822]
  9. jeff@TILSI-Database:~$ more dataimport\?command\=full-import 
  10. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  11. <response>
  12. <lst name="responseHeader">
  13. <int name="status">0</int><int name="QTime">0</int></lst><lst name="initArgs">
  14. <lst name="defaults">
  15. <str name="config">/home/tyler/solr/core2/db/db-data-config.xml</str></lst></lst>
  16. <str name="command">full-import</str>
  17. <str name="status">idle</str>
  18. <str name="importResponse"/><lst name="statusMessages">
  19. <str name="Time Elapsed">113:39:11.561</str>
  20. <str name="Total Requests made to DataSource">0</str>
  21. <str name="Total Rows Fetched">222529903</str>
  22. <str name="Total Documents Processed">222528969</str>
  23. <str name="Total Documents Skipped">0</str>
  24. <str name="Full Dump Started">2011-11-25 16:37:22</str>
  25. <str name="">Indexing failed. Rolled back all changes.</str>
  26. <str name="Rolledback">2011-11-28 04:24:16</str></lst>
  27. <str name="WARNING">This response format is experimental.  It is likely to change in the future.</str>
  28. </response>

2011/11/29 Jeff Zhao <xiaoxiongg@xxxxxxxxx>
that url link is just like a job command, like 'executable= '



2011/11/22 Thomas Luff <Thomas.Luff@xxxxxxx>
Hi Jeff

I cannot see that site because it's internal to your network (i guess?). but if that url links to a job submit description then you can either write a script to download it and then run condor_submit <filename>.

Or you could use curl and pipe the output to to condor_submit as I previously said 'curl | condor_submit'

If you need to transfer any files along with the job you can specify URL's to download them from.

transfer_input_files = http://www.full.url/path/to/filename

Note: this needs to be configured first. See section 3.13.3 in the manual -> http://research.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v7.6/3_13Setting_Up.html#sec:URL-transfer

Hope that helps


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