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[Condor-users] Restricting access to particular groups of machines

We would like to make sure that jobs submitted to Condor only get run on specific machines - eg if you are a maths student you can only run your jobs on maths machines; civil engineering students only use civil engineering machines and so on.

I can see that we can specify "allowedusers" but this would get complicated; firstly because of the number of users and also because the list is volatile (if "allowedgroups" exist that would be perfect but it doesn't appear to exist).

We could use STARTD_ATTRS to specify the department for the machine but that seems to rely on students editing their submit files to request the right department (and I can see them getting that wrong either deliberately or accidentally!)

We can be reasonably sure that if a machine is submitted from a maths machine then it's being submitted by a maths student; can we somehow make use of that fact to decide where the job will get run?

Not sure if it matters but we're running this on Windows and we are using version 7.7.1